Meet the Team

Johnny Phostorian


Phostorian Director


Johnny Phostorian is a longtime avid history buff and antique family photo collector. One of his passions is to find antique photos that have identifying information written on the back such as names and dates. He then hunts for the descendants of family members from those photos in an attempt to return those treasure to them if they are found.


One day Johnny discovered he had an aunt that had pictures of his late father that he didn't know existed. Those pictures were uselessly sitting in drawers and were probably going to be eventually thrown away at some point by his aunt’s grandchildren after she passed away. Johnny went on a mission to find all the photos of his dad contacting his family throughout the country. To make that work, he had to create a way for his family to share these old photos with him since they truly were scattered throughout the United States. This inspired him to create this free photo and video album sharing site you are on now


During the creation of Phostorian, Johnny realized that pictures and videos were not the only memories at risk of being lost. He realized that the actual stories of a loved one’s life were at risk as well. Their mannerisms, the sound of their voice, their favorite jokes, their dreams and goals would long be forgotten. So he created a video biography site called, the pinnacle for the preservation of a person’s life’s story.


Johnny Phostorian opened his first business at the early age of 20 and has never looked back. He has created and lead huge sales forces to build three separate national wholesale businesses, each in a different industry. Johnny has a 5 year old son named Dean who is the apple of his eye.

Jaime Gage


Phostorian Registrar


Jaime was born and raised in a loving Christian home in San Antonio to parents that were married for 46 years before his mother passed away in 2012. Recently married in June of 2015, Jaime is a loving husband and father of three boys, one step son and one step-daughter.


Over the past eight years he successfully opened two businesses and wrote and published a Christian non-fiction book on how to study the bible.


In the summer of 2015, he was approached by longtime friend and mentor Johnny Phostorian to join him on a journey to save family stories and history. Once he heard the vision, he saw the need to join this noble cause. It really hit home since he realized that he did not have any quality videos of his mother who passed away just three years ago. Yet, beyond the lack of a good video of his mom, he realized that the captured moments in the form of pictures and videos were nothing without the stories behind them.


Jaime has now taken his new mission to heart, to partner with the amazing team Johnny has put together to save every photo and every home video, but more importantly to save the stories behind those captured moments in time.

Dan Hong


Phostorian Archiver


An early adopter, Dan Hong has always been the first in cutting-edge production technology. He began his love for production 20-something years ago when he embraced the world of local cable television. There, he honed his local television commercial skills, producing hundreds of unforgettable (and yes, a few forgettable) advertisements that reached thousands of individuals on a daily basis. From Cable, Dan moved into teaching multimedia design for the Merced County Office of Education.


With two partners he created We Three Multimedia, a multimedia oasis serving the Central California and offering services ranging from commercials to websites to live events. In 2006, Dan entered into the world of digital-out-of-home media, where he was one of the first in the industry to create a broadband television network, reaching hundreds of thousands with cutting-edge, captive-audience programming.


When Dan was approached by Johnny Phostorian with his idea for Your Story Remembered, he realized that his skills in video production, photography and design could be used to their fullest potential. He knew that this concept is the most noblest of causes within the realm of photography and video, to preserve the worlds repository of photos, film, and homes movies scattered throughout the world in closets, drawers and shelves. Dedicated to this cause, a lifelong Californian, Dan has permanently brought his arsenal of talents to his new home in San Antonio as a fellow Curator with Your Story Remembered.


Dan has been featured in numerous articles and books, including the best-seller, Digital Signage: Software, Networks, Advertising, and Displays.

Daniel Rivera


Phostorian Designer


While other children were receiving video game consoles for their birthdays, Daniel Rivera was given Adobe Creative Suite at the age of 11 years old, a program suite used for creative design. This gift inspired his passion for creative design, video editing, and website creation. Now a full-time designer and video editor, he has worked in nearly every aspect of digital media.


He played crucial roles in the production of several award-winning films in the Independent Christian films genre such as Heartstrings and Widow’s Might. He served in the fast paced environment with the NCAA as a key member of their live sports broadcasting team. He was a pioneer in the integration of interactive video content on the web. In just the last three years, Daniel created several pieces that were aired on the Discovery Chanel, Fox, and Fox Business.


A milestone that greatly impacted Daniel’s life was when his mentor created a film called The League of Grateful Sons. This film documented the last surviving war veterans who fought on Iwo Jima. It chronicled these heroes as they toured the island with their sons and grandsons, telling their stories as they remembered them. This film made Daniel realize that if it wasn’t for his mentor’s foresight to capture these accounts, that these amazing stories might have been lost forever. When Daniel came on board with Your Story Remembered, he did so with much enthusiasm since it closely related to the passion he had discovered for saving the personal stories of people, each with their unique and extraordinary memories.


Daniel currently resides in Spring Branch, Texas and is hoping to marry his high school sweetheart in 2017.

Roland Marlow


Phostorian Logistics and Technology


Originally from upstate NY near Saratoga, Roland received a major in Information Technology and a minor in Information Science from State University of New York, Albany. Because Roland had an entrepreneurial mindset, immediately after graduating he delved into commercial real estate in order to acquire the business experience necessary to launch his career in Information Technology Services. After two years in commercial real estate, he decided that it was time to seek opportunities in IT so in 2013 he packed his bags and moved to the IT capital of the south, Austin.


While in Austin, Roland began a mobile app business on both the Android and iOS platforms. Using the marketing experience he gained from commercial real estate, he was able to utilize those skills to build a successful business from 2012 through 2017.


To further his business knowledge, Roland was constantly researching entrepreneurial ideas, concepts and experts in the world of business. Eventually in 2013 he became involved with a business forum where young start-ups and entrepreneurs could rub elbows with successful businessmen and women in the local area. This is where he met Johnny, who happened to be an advocate to assist young business minded men and women find their path. Johnny discovered that Roland would always ask great questions and was always thinking outside the box. Eventually a strong business friendship grew which led to Roland offering to come on board as an unpaid intern simply to listen and watch how Johnny conducted business. Within a few months, Roland demonstrated a very sharp learning curve, ambition, and a can do attitude which opened the door for Johnny to invite him to come onboard full-time.


Roland now focuses on technology development and Phostorian logistics.

Richard Galindo


Senior Software Developer


Richard comes from an extensive background in database design and automation. He has designed and built websites integrating database management since 2010. As an accomplished web developer, Richard began developing programs to automate software for front and back end systems. In 2014 he was acquired as a senior software developer in Austin, “The Silicon Valley of the South.”


When Richard was approached by Phostorian, he immediately saw the potential from a development standpoint, to create something that would eventually be recognized worldwide. His immediate task was to improve the existing technology with plans to give the Phostorian social site a complete overhaul. The idea that he could use his own creativity to create a system at the level of complexity of Phostorian’s vision has inspired him to hopefully construct a social network that will touch the lives of millions worldwide.

Crystal Rodriguez


Phostorian Public Relations


Crystal currently is seeking her bachelors in business administration with a major in marketing. Crystal comes from a background retail management and marketing. She worked for Johnny Phostorian for 10 years in various capacities and when she heard that he was creating Phostorian, she jumped at the opportunity to work with him again.

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