Frequently Asked Questions

Transferring to Digital


How do I upload videos and photos from my PC or Mac?


You can drag and drop images and videos right from the My Pictures Library and the My Videos Library from your PC. However, photos from your MAC will need to be dropped in from a file folder. Currently Phostorian does not support photos dropped directly from Photos. Simply select the photos you wish to upload and drag them into a new folder on your MAC. From there you can drag and drop them directly into Phostorian.


What digital video and photo formats do you support?


Currently we support jpeg, JPG, and tiff, and PNG. Video file support coming soon.


Is there a limit to the number of videos and photos that I can upload to my Phostorian account?


As of right now, there are no limits to the amount of photos and videos you can share to the site.


Is there a limit to the file size of a photo or video, or the duration of a video?


As of right now, there are no limits to the file size of the photos and videos you upload to the site.


Are my digital videos and photos stored and preserved in full resolution?


All your photos are preserved in the full resolution that they were scanned in so that if ever you wish to create photo books, post cards, or other printed memories, you can do so in high quality.


Does Phostorian set the correct video or photo orientation?


If you happen to scan your photo and upload it at the wrong orientation, you will need to either rescan your photo to correct orientation and re-upload it, or go into each photo and individually correct the orientation on Phostorian.


Once my videos and photos are uploaded to my Phostorian account, can I sort, label and organize them?


Yes. You can sort, organize, and label different albums. You will be able to create and label specific albums by family name as well and share entire albums at a time to your family members. You will also be able to create albums for documents, love letters and family recipes, virtually anything you feel is important that you wish to save and share.


Can an Album contain both videos and photos?


Yes all albums will be able to have both images and videos, however, we take it a step forward and have an album that will contain all your videos only. When you upload a video into your photo album, it will automatically populate into your video album. This will allow you to instantly access your videos at any time without having to search through all your photos.


Can I share my videos and photos?


Yes. This is the main purpose of the site is to save and preserve your precious photos, to share those with friends and family, and to discover pictures and videos that are meaningful to you. Your photos remembered goes beyond social media. It is a meaningful social experience.


Can I share my entire account with someone?


You can share your entire album of videos and pictures with anyone you choose, or you can select individual pictures. It is all up to you how you want to share your photos. We recommend sharing pictures with others that are meaningful to the person you are sharing with. If you have a picture of your childhood friend John, then you would share that with him. You likely wouldn’t share a picture of your brother in-law with John because your brother in-law may not be someone that is important to John.


Can I password protect my shares?


Your account is password protected. When you share a photo or an entire album, the person you are sharing with with only be able to view and save into their account those images that you are sharing. They will not be able to see any images or videos that you have not shared with them. This feature allows you to keep your photos private and share only specific photos to specific members.


Can I revoke a share that has already been sent so the share is no longer viewable?


Yes you can revoke a share. However, if the other member has already saved the photo to his main folder or to his hard drive, then that photo or album is now part of his collection of memories. So before you share, make sure that you have selected the correct images or albums that you intend to share with the correct people that will receive your images.


Can I edit my photos?


No. You can download and edit using your favorite editing software and then upload your revised photo to phostorian.


Can I edit my videos?


Yes this feature is coming soon. You will be able to select specific points of your home movies that you can save and share with others.


Can I download videos or photos from my Library?


Yes. You can download images and videos directly to your hard drive.


Can I delete videos or photos from my Library?




Can I order DVDs or Blu-rays that I can watch on my TV and computer?


Yes. All your home movies can be converted to DVD and BlueRay format that you can play on your TV and computer.



Video Tape to Digital


Why preserve your older analog videos?


Like printed pictures, your average VHS tape starts deteriorating after 10 years and film starts deteriorating after 15 years. But more important than that is that VHS players are getting harder to find and forget finding a working projector. Passing your video memories to the next generation will be virtually impossible because they will have no idea what a video tape is much less a reel of film. We have made it easy to save and share those memories in way that will preserve them for a lifetime. Send all those home movies to us and we will convert and upload those videos directly to your personal Phostorian online album.


What is the best way to preserve my older analog items?


The only practical and affordable way to preserve older analog home movies and photos is to convert them to a modern digital format. Best of all, Phostorian safeguards your memories on our site, allowing you access to them anytime, anywhere.


Why is Phostorian my best option for digitizing my films, videotapes, photos, slides and negatives?


We provide “white glove” service with all analog and printed images. In addition all the work is done in-house and not shipped to some obscure location overseas.


How much does it cost to digitize older analog items?


Our pricing is simple and very affordable: $12.99 per videotape, $11.99 per 50 ft. movie film, and $.29 per slide or negative. Click here to ship your videos today.


How do I tell how many feet of movie film are on a reel?


Most home movie film reels have markings on the side of the (metal) reel that indicate the length. You will traditionally see 200 feet, 300 feet, or 400 feet for 8mm or Super 8. Traditionally, the smallest reels (plastic), the ones that measure 3 inches in diameter, are 50-foot reels.


The length and run time of 8mm film and Super 8 film are as follows:


  • 3 inch reel (50 feet) 2-3 minutes
  • 4 inch reel (100 feet) 5-6 minutes
  • 5 inch reel (200 feet) 12-14 minutes
  • 6 inch reel (300 feet) 19-22 minutes
  • 7 inch reel (400 feet) 26-29 minutes


16mm film running time will be approximately half of 8mm film or Super8 film.


Is Phostorian safe? I am worried about parting with my priceless memories.


We take extraordinary measures to preserve your photos. If you are concerned about shipping your photos, then set an appointment for a Personal Phostorian to come and scan your photos for you. They will scan your photos, teach you how to upload them, and help you tell your story to share with friends, family, and future generations.


Where does Phostorian process orders?


All orders are processed in San Antonio, Texas,  the capital of southern hospitality.


What's the turnaround time on an order?


It will take us approximately 14 business days to have your videos and images processed and uploaded to your personal photo album. If you have a phostorian scan your photos for you, then they will be on your site within 24 hours.


How can I ship my memories to Phostorian safely and affordably?


Just ship them using UPS, FedEx or USPS. Be sure to use a strong/sturdy box and pack your items with bubble wrap, paper or peanuts. Also, make sure the box is taped securely.


Where do I ship my order?


Send your order to Phostorian, 1950 Bandera Rd, San Antonio, TX 78228.


Will I get my original analog videos and photos back?


Yes. As soon as we have processed all your items, they will be shipped back to you for your safe keeping. If you have a Personal Phostorian, your pictures will never leave the house because all the scanning will take place in your living room.


What analog formats does Phostorian accept?


We accept the following formats:


Videotapes: VHS, VHS-C, Betamax, 8mm, Hi8, Video8, Digital8, MiniDV, MicroMini. Movie Films: 8mm, Super 8, 16mm.


Photos: Photo prints, slides, negatives


Documents: Anything that can be scanned can be preserved as a precious memory to go into your photo albums.


If you have a format not listed, simply contact us and make an inquiry to see if we can convert those for you.


If I have SD cards from my modern digital camera or camcorder, can I send those into Phostorian to get transferred to DVD?


Yes, but you can simply upload those files directly to the site. If you need help, see our “how to” videos.


Do you convert foreign PAL tapes?


Yes we convert PAL tapes at no additional charge.


What content do you NOT accept?


Phostorian cannot transfer and convert any copyrighted material such as TV shows or Hollywood movies.


Can I digitize recorded TV shows or Hollywood movies from VHS tapes?


No we cannot because of copyright laws. If your tape has a mix of home movies and copyrighted material, we will process and upload the home movie.


Do I have to label and organize my items before I ship them?


No you don’t. We make it easy for you because all your memories will be uploaded directly to your online album. Then you can organize and label them as you choose.


What if some of my videos are in really poor condition?


We will do the best we can to clean and transfer your older analog memories.


Is the movie film cleaned thoroughly before being digitized?


Yes. Your movie film is fully inspected and cleaned thoroughly (by hand) by our film specialists. However, we cannot remove mold damage and/or debris embedded on movie films.


If my home movie film is broken, will you fix it?


Yes. Vintage movie film is often broken when it arrives. Phostorian will professionally "splice" (or repair) your broken movie film. There is not an extra charge for this service.


If my videotape is broken, will you fix it?


Yes. Phostorian will repair your broken videotape. The fee for this service is $6.99 for each repaired tape. If a tape is irreparable, you will not be charged for any attempt to repair it.


What if I have older home movie films, but I already converted them to VHS many years ago? Which version should I send to Phostorian to convert to digital?


If you have both the original movie films and the VHS transfer of the same movie films, you would want to send Phostorian the original movie films (reels) for the highest quality conversion to digital.


Can my original audio from my movie films be captured?


Yes. For Super 8 movie films with magnetic audio and on 16mm movie films with optical audio, Phostorian can capture the audio.


What if I have photo prints AND 35mm negatives, which ones should I digitize? Are negative scans cheaper and better quality than scans from photo prints?


If you have negatives for most of your photo collection, scanning negatives is a better option because:


  • Image scans from negatives are higher quality than photo prints
  • Negatives are cheaper to ship (negatives weigh 1/10th of photo prints, and require a smaller package to ship)


My photos are in albums. Can I ship my albums to Phostorian as is? Or do I have to remove my photos from the albums?


You will need to remove the photos from the albums prior to shipping them to us.


Most people want to keep the photos in order and return them to the exact same spot in the album. To do this, simply request a personal phostorian to come and provide the in-home scanning service. Many times this is actual a more cost effective option than sending them to us anyway. Click here to schedule your in-home scanning today.


My slides are housed in carousels, magazines or protective slide display pages. Can I ship my slides as-is?


You will need to remove the slides from the carrousel and slide display pages prior to shipping them.


Can Phostorian make DVDs or Blu-rays for me that I can watch on my TV and computer?


Yes, Phostorian can put your videos and photos onto premium quality DVDs or Blu-rays that will play on your TV and computer.


Will the Phostorian DVD be compatible with my DVD player?


Phostorian DVDs will play in almost all standalone DVD players in use today. The DVD format is DVD-R.


How much video and how many photos will fit on a single DVD?


Up to 2 hours of video will fit onto a single DVD (for movie films, this would equate to 1,800 ft.). Additionally, up to 500 photos will fit onto a single DVD data disc.


Can I order more DVD or Blu-ray copies at a later time, after my order has been processed?


Yes, you can order more DVD or Blu-ray copies at a later time.


Can I organize, label and edit my older analog memories online?


Yes. What makes us unique is you can organize, label, describe edit and share all your videos.


Can you send me my full resolution digital masters on an external USB hard drive?


Yes. Phostorian can package up and send you your full resolution digital masters on an external USB drive. Pricing is based on the storage capacity of the drive (thumb drive = 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB or external USB hard drive = 500GB or 1TB). See pricing page for external USB hard pricing. The file format will be MP4 for videos and JPG for photos. MP4 video files will be the unedited version of the full length video.


Is there a limit to how many videotapes, movie films and photos I can send in?


No, there is no limit. We can handle any size order.


Do you have a service to check if a tape is blank?


During the transfer process, if a tape is blank, we will not charge you for that tape.


Can I share my digitized movie films, videotapes and photos?


Yes. Phostorian provides email and text sharing, as well as the ability to post your memories to popular social sites like Facebook and Twitter.


Can I make my own DVD copies?


Yes, you can make your own DVD copies. Phostorian does NOT copy protect or try to prevent you from making copies of your DVDs. However, be aware that making copies of DVDs requires special software and some technical know-how.


Do you have rush services?


Yes, we can accommodate rush orders. If you have a rush order, please call 844-364-3550 or email and let us know. Additional fees may apply


Can I upload all my digital memories and use Phostorian as a single place where all my family memories are stored?


Absolutely! You will be able to upload, save, and share all memories included photos, videos, documents and even family recipes. Literally anything that can be scanned can be shared.


Does Phostorian have a privacy policy to ensure that my memories can only be viewed by me or specific family and friends?


Yes, your privacy is of the utmost importance to all of us at Phostorian. We will never share your family videos and photos without your permission.



Stored Photos


What is Phostorian?


It is a free site dedicated to help you save, share and discover your old photo and video memories with your family members for generations to come. Our goal is to allow you to create a unique photo album for you and every person you care about. For example, let's say you create one photo album for your mom. You would upload every photo you have of her and try to tell the story of each photo. Then you would share that album with your aunts and uncles (her brothers and sisters) asking them to share photos they have of her too. When they upload a new photo, you will get notified that new photos of your mom have just been shared with you. Most people are discovering photos that other family members have had for years, but just never knew about them until Phostorian.


Photos are not the only images that go into the album. Love letters, diplomas, newspaper clippings, magazine articles, favorite recipes, and anything else that can be scanned that would contribute to the story of their lives will be part of each person's "one photo album."


Why is storing my photos on Phostorian better than social media like FaceBook or Pintrest?


Social media is a great way to talk about your day and share current events. But if ever you decide to deactivate an account, all your pictures and posts will be deleted or accessible. Plus looking up a photo that your friend shared from a year ago is nearly impossible. With Phostorian, you will have access to all your photos and memories in one location, forever.


What do you mean "safely stored in Phostorian?"


When your family videos and photos are uploaded to our service, they are safeguarded on enterprise-grade storage servers with multiple redundancies. Therefore your memories are always backed up to insure that your memories are safeguarded for several generations to come.


How do I use Phostorian?


You use Phostorian to save, share, and discover all your old photos. Upload all your photos and home movies into your main album, tell the story of each photo and video and then share them with friends and family. In turn you will be able to enjoy discovering photos from members in your network sharing their memories with you.


Why should I keep my family memories on the Phostorian site?


There are several benefits to storing your memories with Phostorian:


  • The service is FREE
  • Access your family memories from any device.
  • Share your memories with family and friends
  • A great way to backup physical/digital copies because it’s safer than computer drives, USB drives, and DVDs.


How much does Phostorian cost?


It is a free service where you can upload your photos and videos.


Do I get unlimited storage? Or am I charged by the GB like other cloud storage sites?


For now, you get unlimited storage for all your photos and videos.


Are my digital videos and photos stored and saved in full resolution?


All your photos are preserved in full resolution so that if ever you wish to create photo books, post cards, or other printed memories, you can do so in high quality.


How do I subscribe to or join Phostorian?


Just register for your free account. Once you register, you will receive an email to confirm your membership and then you can start saving, sharing, and discovering immediately.


Once I subscribe to Phostorian, what do I do next?


Scan all your old photos and/or upload  them to your personal photo album. Also, send us all your analog home movies such as VHS tapes, film, and video camera tapes so we can convert them for you and upload them directly into your album.

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